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Record Town provides the best in American Music. Blues, jazz, rockabilly, early rock n roll, classic rock, punk, you name it, we got it. We have tons of vintage vinyl for every musical taste. Record Town stocks both new and used vinyl, CDs, cassettes, 45s & 78s.

We get new and used records in almost every day. We buy used vinyl and are always looking for that unique item that collectors are wanting. We also have a listening area so you can check out any of our music before making a purchase.

Record Town always supports our local music scene. The latest music from local artists is available at the store. Record Town also sponsors music shows at many of the local live music venues. Incredible music is played nightly at Shipping & Receiving, Fred’s Texas Café, Magnolia Motor Lounge, Lola’s and many other fine establishments. Support our local music scene!

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Guitars and Mandolins

Record Town has a wide selection of Oscar Schmidt and Washburn acoustic and electric guitars and mandolins. Many of the guitars and mandolins are priced for the budget-minded musician.

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Everyone will know you are hip in an ultra-cool Record Town t-shirt. Wear it with pride. We also carry t-shirts by many popular and local bands as well as other record stores that we support such as Antone’s Records in Austin and Janie’s Record Shop in San Antonio.  

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Posters, Books and Memorabilia

Record Town has a wide variety of original concert and local venue posters from the past 60 years. Some are even autographed! There are some cool posters from historic concerts and venues long since gone. We also carry a great selection of books that highlight the best of American and Texas music. Watch for updates on our website and social media for in-store book signings!

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The history of American Music is absolutely fascinating. It began with the Native Americans and evolved with immigration from Europe and Africa. Over time, all these diverse cultures contributed to create blues, jazz, country and rock-and-roll. Record Town is part of the history of American Music. Since 1957, Record Town has shared their deep love for music with many other music lovers.